Real 44

3rd Apr 2018, 8:30 AM in Vol. 1 Ch 6: Real
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Real 44


duLapel 3rd Apr 2018, 11:50 AM
Wonderful use of stile change and focus to capture the emotions and perceptions! POWERFUL!
Bee 3rd Apr 2018, 4:29 PM
I just realized that due to the gun fired in near proximity that Corelle might not be able to hear right now, also contributing to the atmosphere.
Dasi 3rd Apr 2018, 4:59 PM
I kind of see a parallel in this scene and the one where those assholes left correlle to die, driving away into the puff of dust.
Now she's included (for better or worse), not left behind.

I hope she doesn't feel like she's to blame because she didn't recognize Emily's intentions, leading to this whole thing. Even if she had noticed they would've found a way of provoking pronoia anyhow. Just be a little later on.
Heavyduty 3rd Apr 2018, 6:24 PM
Bee, given the location of the firearm when it was discharged, I would believe that most of the muzzle blast was muffled by soft tissue.
Bee 3rd Apr 2018, 8:10 PM
I guess it would depend on the caliber of the firearm and how dense the soft tissue is. I'm just imagining this with a tinnitus ring and no other sound, it adds to the horror of the sequence.