Vancouver Never Plays Itself 32

22nd Nov 2016, 6:58 PM in Vol. 1 Ch 5: Vancouver Never Plays Itself
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Vancouver Never Plays Itself 32


Ina 23rd Nov 2016, 12:52 AM
Tall sisters :) I get the feeling we'd like to meet Rex's family?
Ina 2nd Dec 2016, 8:34 PM
Also, HOW TALL IS REX?? If the sister in front of him is over 2 metres already...
Chelly 3rd Dec 2016, 1:53 AM
According to this *contains naked people* page- -he's seven-foot-one.
Roman Jones 4th Dec 2016, 10:22 AM
Roman Jones
Chelly's right - Alyona's about 6'4" and Rex is 7'1", making him 9 inches taller. Yeah, the picture is a little skewed, but it's not that far off.
RunningRiot 7th Dec 2016, 6:19 PM
They're just standing on a slight incline. You can see the slope in the background.