I'm a Cyborg but That's Okay 23

27th Sep 2015, 3:24 PM in Vol. 1 Ch 4: I'm a Cyborg but That's Okay
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I'm a Cyborg but That's Okay 23


pkrankow 27th Sep 2015, 9:43 PM
Are the game names real or made up? I don't recognize any of them...

Roman Jones 28th Sep 2015, 6:06 AM
Roman Jones
They're all fictional games from different franchises. Zombie Piggy Hunter 2 is a popular game in Invader Zim's universe, for example.

In SE, all fictional games and movies and those that never saw a final product (the City of Metronome and Last Guardian posters in Corelle's bedroom) exist. It's one of the ways we're showing that this world's timeline is different from ours.
dragon9 4th Sep 2019, 4:10 PM
well last guardian exists now.
Reaper Dragon 28th Sep 2015, 1:48 AM
Reaper Dragon
Pannel 1 reminds of another comic online that was finished, only I haven't found it in a long time. Imps or goblins or something that can turn Invisible living in an old mansion I think that got turned into an arcade with an inherited collection or arcade machines. Locals objecting to dungeons and dragons getting played etc. It was hurriedly rounded up with the arrival of their new born, in and out of comic.

How many van loads are they allowed? :) how much floor space does she have to work with where they are putting them?
Second reason to be happy, she has been getting listened to; this group effort is to make her feel included and more at home etc
Roman Jones 28th Sep 2015, 6:08 AM
Roman Jones
She can probably only take one or two right now but they can always take trips.

She sure !s! They love her, and love means listening.
Guest 28th Sep 2015, 2:57 AM
Video may have killed the radio star, but home consoles killed the arcade machine.
Roman Jones 28th Sep 2015, 6:06 AM
Roman Jones
True dat
duLapel 28th Sep 2015, 8:33 PM
Girl! you've been set up!!!

Long ago I bought a Space Ace w/ coin slot from an arcade... Years of fun...
Roman Jones 14th Oct 2015, 4:24 PM
Roman Jones
You lucky bastard
Fractal 3rd Oct 2015, 4:45 AM
I see you there, Polybius.
Roman Jones 14th Oct 2015, 4:23 PM
Roman Jones
It sees YOU!
otterkit 4th Jul 2016, 2:07 PM
I think I can only articulate my reaction as DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!