Beyond the Door 7

24th Jan 2020, 10:45 AM in Chapter 9: Beyond the Door
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Beyond the Door 7


Andrew_C 24th Jan 2020, 3:52 PM
She certainly has the talent to be the replacement engineer, but I imagine but she needs someone to teach her the skills and bounce ideas off. The technical school can help there and she still has people on site and on call to do that and it's great to see they support and have confidence in her

EDIT more thoughts, clarified
Arbithian 25th Jan 2020, 7:52 PM
As talented as she is, they're going to need a replacement engineer. Someone that has the degree. As capable as she is, no company would insure them with a child without the iron ring (engineer thing) at least involved in the engineering. Too much of a legal liability.
Arbithian 25th Jan 2020, 7:57 PM
Please let me rephrase my statement . . .
They need someone who has earned their iron ring from a legitimate post secondary institution involved in the engineering, or else no insurance company would look at them. (An I doubt their other sponsors would be too happy to cover any liability lawsuits.
Vik Machacku 25th Jan 2020, 9:13 PM
Vik Machacku
Pro-Noia is a massive company which employs most likely hundreds(if not thousands) of engineers. What Corelle is referring to is Polaris, a small (and as stated already, completely fake) company that Quen has and which makes only prosthesis', Polaris is shielded by Pro-Noia, owned by them. It's just a front, it hardly matters if they get backing from an insurance company or not.
Andrew_C 26th Jan 2020, 11:27 AM
But it is a good point, they will need someone with a qualification to sign off her work, maybe not an engineer. But if the info on the cast sheet is still correct he can do that himself.